Involve offers tailored training to organisations and authorities looking to develop their skills and understanding of participatory and deliberative processes.

The training is practical, interactive and designed to suit the context you are working in. 

Who is this for?

This training is suitable for organisations interested in the principles and practice of good public engagement, including how to identify opportunities for public dialogue and deliberation. We also offer more practical training about developing, commissioning and delivering effective public engagement.

Feedback from participants

Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis was facilitated by a mix of professionals from Involve and our own council staff. Some of us were already very experienced at facilitating events and engaging with residents but some of us felt less confident, particularly for an event of such importance. Involve prepared a training that was tailored to our event and to the needs of the team. The training was very dynamic and interactive and gave us all the tips and tricks we needed for a successful event."

Camden Council

What areas do we offer training in?

  • Where to start with public engagement

  • How to think strategically about public engagement

  • Planning for deliberative engagement processes - When? Why? And how?

  • Facilitation training:

    • A brief introduction to group facilitation, including key principles for designing an effective session; and

    • Training to support your staff to become effective small group facilitators. 

  • Moving deliberative engagement online

  • How to commission an effective Citizens’ Assembly (or other deliberative mini-public).

What will you learn?

Each of the training sessions listed above will cover a range of areas but some consistent points of learning throughout all of the sessions are as follows:

  • Key principles and concepts of good public engagement;

  • Defining and developing public engagement which can effectively inform decision making;

  • Where deliberative public engagement fits (e.g. its strengths and weaknesses in relation to other forms of engagement);

  • A review of different deliberative engagement methods and tools, including their strengths and weaknesses;

  • How to plan a successful deliberative engagement process, including the design process, key considerations, and how to choose an appropriate method;


The cost of the training depends on the type and length of the training delivered, number of participants etc. Do get in touch if you are interested in a quote for one of the above sessions or would like to work with us to develop a bespoke training course to meet your organisational needs.

Get in touch

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