Find out more about becoming an associate

Involve delivers a large number of projects and programmes every year, and we often draw on people beyond our core staff to form part of our project teams. The Associates Team are the people we turn to first. 

Our Associates Team Members work across a range of projects in a variety of roles including: process design, lead and table facilitation, participant support and onboarding, production and technical support, training delivery, research and report writing.People who are part of the Associates Team can have three different relationships with us:

  • Freelancer: people who we call on for specific tasks in a project (for example, table facilitation, inducting participants) who work under the direction of an Involve staff member.

  • Associate: the same as a freelancer but people who work regularly on our behalf and have the desire to work regularly for Involve.

  • Senior Associate: people who manage whole programmes or projects for Involve. This can include holding the relationship with the project commissioner and partners, taking responsibility for meeting project aims, timelines and budgets across all areas of the project or programme, and leading on any relevant engagement or training design and delivery. 


If you are interested in joining the Associates Team, you should express your interest by completing this form. 

To find out more information about the Associates Team, you can see our Associates Team FAQ or get in touch by emailing us at: [email protected]