There are many fantastic people, groups and organisations across the UK working to improve democracy, but too often we are isolated from one another and struggle to have the impact we desire.

In 2020, the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust commissioned Networking for Democracy which concluded that building better connections within and outside the sector was a priority capacity building need. Following a call for proposals, in 2021 Involve was awarded funding by JRRT and JRCT to incubate, expand and coordinate a Democracy Network over the next three years.

The Network aims to build and strengthen the democracy sector, addressing threats and maximising on the opportunities for impact and change. It seeks to bring together people passionate about democracy from across the UK to support collaboration and build our collective power and influence.


Together, our vision is of a democracy in the UK fit for the 21st century, where we have more influence over the decisions that affect our lives, more power and resources to improve our communities and more ability to elect and hold our politicians and governments to account. 


To connect people working on issues of power and democracy to increase our understanding and effectiveness, take action together, and lead on issues to build a stronger democracy.

Aims and Objectives

1. Connecting people and organisations within a network that is trusted, strong and diverse, with high engagement in network activities and an expanding reach to new groups.

2. Sharing information & building capacity so that network members have the knowledge, skills and resources to achieve their objectives and the impact of their work has increased.

3. Ensure clear vision, effective governance & sustainable resources within a well-functioning network, with a shared vision and mission, an agreed governance structure and a sustainable financial model that supports the ambitions of its members.

4. Take action & influence change around issues of democracy, power and voice within a network that has a culture of successful coordinated action, has delivered tangible policy changes, and increased public and political support for a stronger democracy.

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