About Involve

​Involve is the UK’s leading public participation charity. We develop, support and campaign for new ways to involve people in decisions that affect their lives.

Since 2003, we have been working with governments, parliaments, civil society, academics and the public to create and deliver new forms of public participation that re-vitalise democracy and improve decision-making.

We are realistic about the challenges faced by democracy, but optimistic about how to overcome them. We are committed to ensuring our democracies are vibrant and fit for the future by putting people at the heart of decision-making. We work across the UK and internationally, with offices in Belfast and London.

People at the heart of decision-making

Our work is focused in three areas:

  • Making the case – demonstrating why participation and deliberation are essential features for a healthy modern democracy, and ensuring that those in positions of power and influence understand and support their use in addressing some of the UK’s most intractable issues. Check out our latest thinking.
  • Embedding change – building the capacity of public servants and practitioners, and developing the body of evidence, principles and standards that support participatory and deliberative practice. Check out our resources.
  • Pioneering practice – encouraging widespread uptake of participatory and deliberative processes, and promoting continuous learning and innovation to improve democracy and deliver lasting solutions in key policy areas. Check out our practical projects.

By involving people at the heart of decision-making, we hope to create healthier, more vibrant democracies that are fit for the future.

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We're a small and dynamic team with expertise in participatory and deliberative democracy, public engagement, governance, facilitation, policy-making, research and much more. We work closely with a number of skilled associates who enhance our communications, facilitation, project management and research work.

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Everything we do is driven by our values:

  • Collaboration – because change comes when broad coalitions of people work towards a common vision;
  • Equality – because everyone in society has an equal right to be listened to and participate in decisions that affect their lives. No one should be held back by societal divisions or prejudice;
  • Independence – because we are committed to the integrity and impartiality of participatory and deliberative processes;
  • Purpose – because participation must have an impact. We reject tokenistic or ineffectual engagement; and,
  • Quality – because effective participation requires time, attention and commitment.