Camden Climate Panel

Camden Climate Panel
Camden Council
24 months, running from Spring 2023 - Spring 2025

In April 2023, Involve led the first session of Camden’s Climate Action Panel. This session brought together 20 residents who broadly reflect the demographics of the borough to discuss Camden’s Climate Action Plan and offer constructive feedback and advice on progress from a resident perspective. 

Camden’s Climate Action Panel was developed in response to a recommendation from Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis in 2019

The Panel’s purpose is to provide advice to Camden Council on the Climate Action Plan and to help identify potential barriers and solutions to projects in the borough to make sure they reflect the needs and views of residents. 

The Panel will explore the Climate Action Plan’s four themes: People, Places, Buildings and Organisations. 

This is the second Panel cohort, the first running from 2020 - mid-2022. You can read more about the first Panel here

One of the challenges raised by the first Panel was how to ensure members stay connected and engaged with the process across the two years. In response to this feedback, Involve is working closely with Camden Council to design a programme of ongoing engagement that spans the two years of the Panel, offering opportunities for ongoing learning, ideas generation and building connections between members, the council and the wider Camden community. 

The Climate Panel will continue until 2025. To keep up-to-date with the project, please visit Camden Council’s website.

For more information on this project, please get in touch with Maddie: [email protected]