How can Camden improve its housing and property services?

Camden Housing and Property Panel
Image of Camden high street
Camden Council
24 months, running from Autumn 2022 - 2024

Camden's Housing and Property Panel brings together a diverse group of residents to explore housing and property services in the borough. Running from September 2022 - 2024, the Panel meets regularly to provide honest and constructive feedback to Camden on existing and proposed project and developments.

The Panel is made up of 20 Camden residents who are demographically reflective of the local area, and two District Management Committee members. The Panel meets every two months to review and offer feedback on borough-wide challenges, important projects, services, contractor performance, customer satisfaction, and complains across Camden's Housing directorates. 

How do the sessions work?

Each session runs for two and a half hours and during this time Panel Members have an opportunity to speak directly with senior officers, share their own experiences of Camden's housing and property services, and provide recommendations for how the services and communication with residents could be improved. Panel Members also have the opportunity to get involved outside the Panel including through site visits to relevant sites across the borough.

So far, Panel Members have explored topics such as: 

  • Repairs and Camden's Enhanced Repairs Service;
  • Resident and building safety;
  • Capital works;
  • Damp and mould;
  • Neighbourhoods, caretakers and neighbourhood housing officers;
  • Anti-social behaviour.

For more detailed information on each Panel session, please visit Camden's Commonplace website here.

If you would like to find out more about this project, please get in touch with Maddie: [email protected]