These documents are the result of Involve’s work with the OECD to develop indicators for measuring open government.

There is a growing movement to promote more openness in governments across the world. As a result there has been an increase in the number of laws devoted to giving citizens greater rights to access the documents and proceedings of government, as well as more say over decisions.

In 2009, Involve developed a set of draft indicators for measuring open government for the OECD. The indicators sought to complement the OECD’s existing indicators for measuring legal and institutional mechanisms for transparency, accessibility and responsiveness in governments worldwide. They did so by focusing on the implementation, use and enforcement of these mechanisms.

These draft indicators can be found here: Open Government – beyond static measures (PDF)

In 2010, Involve worked with Essex University’s Department of Government to expand this work. Specifically we developed a sub-set of these indicators related to transparency in government into survey for OECD member states. The results of this survey are included in the OECD’s biennial publication, Government at a Glance 2011 (see section VIII).

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