This report brings together learning on the most effective approaches to user empowerment in local government service delivery. It was commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government and produced by Involve and Ipsos MORI.

It is based on extensive desk research and aims to outline the main theories underpinning thinking on empowerment, methodologies for citizen engagement, and the relationship between empowerment initiatives and local service delivery.

The key finding of Activating Empowerment is that empowerment mechanisms work – they empower citizens. But they do so in different ways, at different levels and to different degrees. But what is clear from our research, is that the fundamental benchmark of success for any initiative or innovation that aims to empower citizens, is the degree to which they offer local people real opportunities to influence change in policy and the public services they receive (de facto empowerment), and ensure that people feel and understand this to be the case (subjective empowerment).

You can download this publication here.