The Civic Activism Toolkit is an online directory of 29 innovative tools and approaches for civic activism from around the world. The toolkit was developed by Involve for the Building Change Trust and is intended for use by civil society in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Civic Activism is:“…the social norms, organisations, and practices which facilitate greater citizen involvement in public policies and decisions. These include access to civic associations, participation in the media, and the means to participate in civic activities such as nonviolent demonstration or petition. Civic activism is essential in ensuring that public institutions function in an accountable and transparent manner, with participation and representation for all.”

The tools

The 29 tools and approaches are:

21st Century Town Meetings

Forum Theatre

Alternative Budget Initiatives

Mystery Shopping

Argument Mapping

Online Consensus Decision making

Citizen Assemblies

Participatory Budgeting

Citizen Juries

Participatory Card Games

Citizen Report Cards

Planning Cells

Citizen Reporting

PopUp Democracy

Citizen Science

Public Conversations Project Dialogue

Community Led Procurement

Public Forums

Community visioning

Scenario Workshops

Consensus Conference

Social Audits

Crowd Wise

Study Groups

Deliberative Mapping

Ushahidi Crowdmapping Platform

Deliberative Polling

Wikis for Lawmaking

Digital Fact Checking Platforms


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Image credit Brian John Spencer