At a glance

Policy stage: 
Level of involvement: 
Low - Medium
Length of process: 
Usually 3 - 6 months
Number of participants: 
Participant selection: 
Online / Offline: 

Written Consultations are a way of gauging outside opinions and different perspectives on an issue. They remain the most common form of government consutlation.


Written Consultations are designed to engage with other parties to gather intelligence, ideas and viewpoints on any type of issue. A written consultation asks that cpnsultees read a report and respond to set questions that emphasise key areas of contention and explore possible actions on them. They are typically used by governments to engage the public in current issues.


  • Non-profit organisations and charities are suitable as outside bodies for consultation on public issues. They can, as well, consult each other if required.


Low - Medium

The main costs are usually associated with the analysis of responses and therefore can vary depending on numbers recieved.

Approximate time expense



  • Generates sophisticated and lengthy responses
  • Can involve a wide range of professional groups, and individuals
  • Encourages greater debate
  • Helps to monitor existing policy and if changes are needed
  • Can generate new or different ideas to help decision makers


  • Can be exclusive
  • Can receive biased feedback


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