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1 day
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Graphic Recording involves capturing participants’ ideas on large-sized paper using artwork, words, images and colou


Graphic Recording is a method that is used to record meetings, and other group events, in words and pictures on large displays. Capturing the work of the group in this way is used to facilitate productivity and understanding in a group situation. It can also develop a group memory of the event.

The use of graphics can attract engagement from participants who may not feel as comfortable during more conventional methods. The drawings can be done by a facilitator or by the participants themselves.


Communities, businesses and organisations can use Graphic Recordings.



  • The events are cheap when done in-house. 
  • Costs for groups who require a meeting space or external facilitator will increase.

Approximate time expense


  • Should last a day.


  • The whole picture can be seen at a glance
  • Links can be identified and further drawn out at a later date
  • Participants get involved and encouraged to contribute
  • Can help foster new meanings and insights


  • May seem messy and disorganised without the help of a facilitator.


Graphic Recording, along with other facilitation techniques, first took off in the San Francisco of the United States during the mid 1960's and 1970's. This was at a time when the area was rich with new ideas and business opportunities.


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