The World Wide Views on Climate Change global conference and Kettering’s involvement is continuing to give the public a voice in the build up to the decisions being made at the COP15 summit. Channel 4 News brought four citizens of Kettering together with four from Rio who attended the WWViews global conference to debate who should be doing what for whom to battle the spiralling effects of our warming world.

Participants agreed that the COP15 summit is crucial to combatting Climate Change. The discussion did however raise contrasting barriers that the two countries face. It was highlighted that there is not the same ‘environmental awareness’ in Brazil as there is in the UK at present. In addition the difficulties the incredibly poor of Brazil have in making a difference was touched on; where population control is much more extreme an issue, and where green farming seems like a distant ideal.

Consensus came when the participants discussed the fact that individual effort can effect change and how continued education on the subject will be a key contributor to behaviour change.

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