The room in WWViews UKWe’ve just finished a live link up via Skype between the participants of the WWViews process in Australia and in UK. What a buzz. It really brings home the global nature of the process.

Wandering round the hall during the first table discussions also emphasised for me the local nature of the issues. We’ve got people in the room from all sorts of backgrounds and knowledge from across Kettering and its striking that on all tables the local impact of climate change and our decisions are as prominant as the global ones.

The majority of participants so far (88%) feel that a global deal on climate change is an urgent priority. Yet whatever their unique perspectives, participants are clearly interested and passionate about these issues.

This is no surprise perhaps, but does bring home how important it is to engage all citizens in the debate in the lead-up to Cophenhagen.

“I would like to understand more about what other countries are doing to tackle Climate Change.

“Great Britain is making great steps to tackle the situation, but others aren’t. I think it’s important that we take responsibility not only as individuals but collectively and do our bit to make a difference.”

Emily Buckby, aged 22, credit controller

“This is an issue which affects everyone no matter who you are or wherever you live in the world.

“This world will not last forever and nor will we, but we must do what we can to preserve our planet for future generations. The only way to do this is if we can come together.”

Mr Maylin aged 71, retired shoe/boot maker