After the World Wide Views on Climate Change global Conference, Philip Hollobone MP for Kettering was interested to learn more about the views of his constituency on this important issue. A great, and forward thinking step towards the voices of the public being listened to by decision makers.

Kettering citizen Ray Maylin travelled down to London on Tuesday 27th October to speak to his Mr. Hollobone about Climate Change. After discussing with Mr. Hollobone his position on climate issues, and the decisions that are being made at Copenhagen the pair along with Edward Andersson of Involve went for a tour of the House of Commons. Interestingly enough, Ray noticed a lack of double-glazing in the building. Insulation being one of the best ways to increase energy efficiency and combat the challenges of climate change at the local level.

Is this an apt depiction of the issues we are facing worldwide? Is it easy enough to talk about climate change and energy efficiencies, and their importance without actually putting them into practice? And having strong, positive action at Copenhagen? Possibly not, but it did get us at Involve as well as Ray thinking.