Today Involve is launching a new project in partnership with Leaders Unlocked. Called MH:2K – a youth-led approach to exploring mental health, it empowers 14-25 year olds to:

  • Identify the mental health issues that they see as most important;
  • Engage their peers in discussing and exploring these topics;
  • Work with key local decision-makers to make recommendations for change.

mh2k5Like all Involve’s initiatives, MH:2K is designed to work for both citizens (in this case young people) and decision-makers. For young people, MH:2K’s youth-led, peer-to-peer approach creates an accessible, engaging and friendly space in which to take part. It also develops their understanding of mental health issues, and their hard and soft skills.


For decision-makers, the project enables them to hear the views, experiences and ideas of young people particularly at risk of mental health problems. This can enable them to gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues in their area and new insights about effective solutions. It can also enable them to better serve the diversity of their youth populations. MH:2K’s emphasis on informed opinions, building on previous work, and decision-maker input from its start are all key here.

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MH:2K in Oldham

MH:2K is designed to be replicable in local areas across the country. We are starting, however, by piloting it in Oldham, supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award, Oldham Council and Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group.

Over MH:2K Oldham’s ten-month lifetime, I will be blogging regularly about its progress. You can also follow it using #MH2K or via this facebook page.

Do you know young people in Oldham who may want to take part?

From today we are recruiting young people aged 14-25 to join MH:2K. To find out more about what’s involved, the relevant deadlines, and how to support a young person to apply, please see

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Picture copyright: Leaders Unlocked, 2016.