Talking for a Change


This report sets out the need for a distributed dialogue approach to complex issues, such as climate change and the ageing society.

The nature of the challenges that governments are dealing with have changed – they are now much less simple, less bounded and more intractable. From climate change and the ageing population, through to the rise in the prevalence and cost of chronic illnesses, the problems governments face today are complex and interlinked in many different ways. These issues permeate our daily lives. They affect and are affected by the way people behave, consume and communicate. There are no clear solutions to these problems; they are almost impossible to deal with using a traditional, expert-driven, policy‐making process.

The solutions to these problems cannot be solved by simple central planning; solutions are more likely to be controversial and demand potentially radical changes in lifestyles. As a result, they will require the ongoing and active participation of citizens.

You can download the publication here.