MH:2K Oldham


MH:2K is our powerful new model for engaging young people in conversations about mental health in their local area. 

It empowers 14-25 year olds to:

  • Identify the mental health issues that they see as most important;
  • Engage their peers in discussing and exploring these topics;
  • Work with key local decision-makers to make recommendations for change.

From September 2016 to July 2017, Involve and our project partner Leaders Unlocked, piloted MH:2K in Oldham, supported by a Wellcome Trust People Award, Oldham Council, and Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group.

Today we are publishing MH:2K Oldham’s final reports and resources.

Summary Report

The summary report briefly runs through the project’s:

  • Findings and recommendations on youth mental health;
  • Impacts to-date on its participants, public sector decision-making, mental health research and public engagement practice;
  • Methodology – MH:2K’s six stages and how they were delivered in Oldham.

You can read the summary report here

Final Project Report

The final project report covers the same areas as the summary report but in greater depth.

You can read the final project report here

Final Evaluation Report

The final evaluation report presents the results of MH:2K Oldham’s independent evaluation. It focuses on the project’s impacts and quality of delivery, covering these areas in more detail than the summary report and final project report above.

You can read the final evaluation report here

Update Report - one year later

A year on from the end of the MH:2K pilot, this short update report highlights some of the ongoing activities, impacts, and further potential for impact that have emerged in Oldham. It is based on email and telephone exchanges with members of the Expert Panel in June and July 2018, as well as recent observation of the MH:2K process in four further locations.

You can read the update report here

Short film

A short taster film about MH:2K Oldham is available here.

Roadshow data sheets

The MH:2K Oldham Roadshow saw the project’s twenty young Citizen Researchers co-run forty-two workshops on their five priority topics: families and relationships, the environment and culture of schools, stigma, professional practice and self-harm.

Through the workshops, they engaged 528 of their peers, hearing their views on (1) the pressures facing young people around each issue area, and (2) ideas for solutions to reduce these pressures or help young people cope with them better.

The following data sheets contain the information collected at the Roadshows. They include at least one Roadshow participant quotation for each point raised across the events:

Big Showcase attendee list

MH:2K Oldham’s final event was the Big Showcase. Here the Citizen Researchers presented the project’s findings and recommendations to eight-five decision-makers and researchers from twenty-seven different organisations based in Oldham, Greater Manchester and beyond.

We committed to publish the attendee list from the event to give an indication of the range and seniority of people who attended.

Read the Big Showcase attendee list


If you would like further information about MH:2K Oldham, or our future plans for the MH:2K model, please contact [email protected]