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Environment Agency, Sortition Foundation
January 2021 - March 2021

We rely on water every day and in many different ways. In a rapidly changing climate it is vital to ensure there is clean and plentiful water for everyone who lives, works and plays in an area, all without harming rivers, estuaries, lakes and seas. Involve is working with the Environment Agency to run three citizens' juries across the UK on the future of water management. Each jury will take a local approach to a national issue. 

The Rethinking Water Citizens' Juries are being held in three locations across the UK: Lower Tyne, Ilkely and Thames. Each jury will bring together 20 randomly selected and demographically representative members of the public. The three citizens' juries will take place online between January - March 2021.

The Rethinking Water citizens' juries will explore the question:

How do you connect with water in your local environment, and what needs to be changed in the future to benefit people and wildlife?

At each jury, members will listen to evidence and discuss issues together to develop a set of recommendations. The juries' recommendations will be presented to the Environment Agency board and will inform the Environment Agency's developing approach to water management locally and nationally. The recommendations will also be used by The Water Hub to help develop new research and innovation.


For more information about the Rethinking Water Citizens' Juries, please email Maddie: