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Scotland's Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group, The Sortition Foundation
July 2022 - August 2023


Programme for Government 2021-22, A Fairer Greener Scotland, set out the Scottish Government’s commitment to develop a minimum income guarantee. A Minimum Income Guarantee could be transformative in tackling poverty by making sure that everyone receives a minimum level of income that helps them to live a dignified, healthy and financially secure life. It is not just about a social security payment but could be provided through fair employment, real living wages, the provision of key services or tax relief for those most in need.

A Steering Group has been established to define a minimum income guarantee for Scotland and to identify actions to support its delivery. The Steering Group are supported by an Expert Group who will take forward the work to achieve its aims. The Expert Group consists of organisations and individuals with knowledge and experience relevant to the delivery of a minimum income guarantee.

Experts by Experience Panel

To design a policy that helps deliver a more equal and inclusive Scotland, an Experts by Experience Public Panel will advise and inform the work of the expert group.

Involve are convening the Expert by Experience Public Panel. This Panel will bring together a diverse range of people from across Scotland who have had experience living with insecure incomes and financial uncertainty to hear and discuss issues relating to a Minimum Income Guarantee, drawing on the experiences the members have had in their own lives.

Advising and informing the work of the Expert Group, the Experts by Experience Public Panel will:

  • work in collaboration with each other to inform the expert group of their experiences
  • give a better understanding of the lived experiences of people across Scotland
  • provide a deliberative space where members can share their views and experiences of financial insecurity
  • consider and discuss potential policy actions that could be considered by the Minimum Income Guarantee Expert Group.
  • provide constructive challenge the views/recommendations of the Expert Group given their experiences

The first meeting of the Experts by Experience Panel will take place on September 2022.


Photo by Artur Kraft on Unsplash