There's currently a lot of interest in deliberative democracy in the UK and around the world.

To sustain and build this "deliberative wave", the UK needs practitioners that have the knowledge, skills and support to design and deliver high-quality democratic processes.

Deliberations at the Citizens' Assembly for Northern Ireland

Community of practice

We established the Deliberative Democracy Practitioners' Network in June 2019 to: 

  • Build the capacity and capability of practitioners to deliver citizens’ assemblies and other deliberative processes;
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer support and collaboration – sharing ideas, resources and support – between deliberative democracy practitioners;
  • Build knowledge, understanding and ongoing learning about citizens’ assemblies and other forms of deliberative democracy;
  • Develop standards and principles for the effective delivery of citizens’ assemblies and other deliberative processes.

We want to support and work with the practitioners with skills and interest in this area. If you are a facilitation / deliberative process practitioner and are interested in contributing and learning more, please email with a brief summary of your interest and experience. 

We will keep you in touch with opportunities for training, workshops and meet-ups, as well as linking you into the wider network.