Michael Donnelly

Senior Associate

Michael is a facilitator specialising in participatory processes. He specialises in whole system transformation work through Future Search. He has experience of working across boundaries
for over 20 years, bringing different levels of the system into dialogue and coherence. 

He is based in Ireland where he has worked on legacy of violence dialogues with Victims and
Survivor Groups. He also facilitates processes with non-profits, Local Government, Central Government, and International Organisations on issues of social change like Suicide
Prevention, Mental Health, and Peace Building.
Internationally, he is Deputy Director of the non-profit Future Search Network and an associate at Future Search Associates. He co-designed Future Search in Virtual Space, the process that brings the entire Future Search process online. He is especially proud of his work alongside Involve where he has supported work on the People’s Plan for Nature, The CA on Climate Change for UK Parliament, the management of river and lake resources for the UK Environment Agency, The Future of Democracy in the UK for UCL, and on Scotland’s Future for the Scottish Government.

At home he is a keen grower, bee-keeper, cyclist, and community activist.